How to Choose Pneumatic Wheels for Castors in an Easy Way

Castor wheels make moving of heavy objects easy and simpler on uneven floors. They are mainly used to transport heavy and delicate items from one place to another. The 2 major benefits of choosing pneumatic wheels for castors are:-

  • They provide a cushioned ride. Cushion effect can be very useful with the objects, which are to be protected from vibration, or have to be moved over an uneven floor or rough surfaces like concrete, grass, dirt, glass etc.
  • The second benefit is that the pneumatic castors are very quite while travelling unlike the normal castor wheels. Even in the rough surface like rocks or uneven ground it makes minimum noise, this application can be very helpful, where noise is a problem.


There are many options available for trolley wheels in the market. Selection of the type completely depends upon the usage of the castor and its application.

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The basic specification of the pneumatic castor wheels available in the market are as follows:-

Castor specification –

  • Diameter of the wheel – 6’’ to 12’’
  • Width of the thread – 2.50’’ to 3.50’’
  • Capacity to bear load – 300-400 lbs
  • Ball bearing type
  • Radius of the swivel – 5 7/8’’ to 8 ½’’
  • Height – 10’’ to 15 ¼’’
  • Size of the tyre – 250-4, 410-350-4, 410-350-6
  • Finishing – black, brass, antique and chrome


Wheel specifications –

  • Colours available – grey and black
  • Diameter – 8’’ to 16 ‘’
  • Width – 2 ½’’ to 4’’
  • Standard bore – ½’’
  • Capacity – 330 – 520 lbs
  • Length of the hub – 2 ¼’’ to 4 ¼ ‘’

The Only Ways The HIV Can Be Transmitted

HIV awareness plays an extremely important role in today’s society. There are a lot of different reasons wherefore you should educate both yourself and your kid. A discussion about drug use and sex might be a little embarrassing for both you and your little one, but keep in mind that sooner or later, they will be exposed to these things anyway. Someone in their entourage will do drugs, just like one of their friends will have sex sooner or later. And when time comes, you clearly do not want your baby to go through this issue without any education at all. This is when big problems show up. So what should you know about the HIV? How is it transmitted?

How The HIV can be transmitted

First of all, the HIV is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, regardless of its nature. Oral, anal and vaginal sex might be responsible for the transmission if one of the partners is infected and not protected. Second, blood is another common way for the HIV transmission. Open wounds should never be exposed to blood contact. From this point of view, all kinds of blood related tools can lead to an unwanted infection – syringes, needles, contaminated medical equipments, tattoo related needles and so on. This is how the HIV is transmitted among drug addicts who share the same syringes and needles. When it comes to getting a tattoo, make sure that the artist uses a brand new needle.

Other than that, the HIV might be transmitted from mothers to their babies as well.